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T.E.E.N. CAMP! was started with a desire to help the youth of our province. We wanted to provide a week during the summer for them to get away from the regular routine and influences of life and spend time with other Christians and hear solid Bible preaching specifically geared toward them.  After the first couple of years we decided to open up the camp opportunity to families as well, and thus...FAMILY CAMP! We now provide 3 distinct programs during the week - for children, teens and adults (Monday-Wednesday, Thursday morning we will have breakfast, a group devotion, then we will clean up and leave.)  It has been such a help and blessing to so many people since our first week of camp in 2003! We would love for you to join us this year!! Download the appropriate registration form below and get all the information you need to know.
"T.E.E.N. CAMP! and FAMILY CAMP! is the highlight of my summer!" 
--Spoken by someone, a real someone, at CAMP 2023! :-)
August 21-24, 2023
Here are a few pictures from Camp "What's Next" 2023!
Pastor & Mrs. McTague were such a blessing.  Thank you so much for ministering to us!